Sunday, December 12, 2010


Albinism is a natural disorder that happens to an animal due to lack of pigment in the skin. The skin of an albino animal is white, and the eyes may be pink or red. Check out these pictures!


I just want to say, I think wallabies are one of the CUTEST animals ever!!!!Wallabies are members of the kangaroo family, so they're marsupials. Fun Fact: just like kangaroos, baby wallabies are born small(they then go to the pouch), and are called joeys. Wallabies are small, and the biggest species is only 6 feet long. when wallabies are attacked, they can balance on their tail, and deliver powerful kicks with their legs. also when in danger, a wallaby might use its tail. Wallaby tails are long and strong, and are used for balance and propping themselves up when they sit, but the Nail Tailed Wallaby also has a sharp growth at the end of its tail that can be used for protection. I think wallabies are SOOOOO cute and I wish it was legal to have them as pets(not like my mom would let me)


Sorry guys! I had some technical problems, so i haven't posted anything for a while. I'll get right to it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Betta Fish

For starters, let me say these fish make good pets. they are pretty and cheap to care for. Just don't keep them in pairs!

Betta Fish (or Siamese Fighting Fish) in males are beautiful, but aggressive. If kept in pairs they WILL fight. If their is an enemy male around, the fish will show a threat display. He slows down and puffs up his gills to try to scare the other away. If the other fish doesn't retreat they fight.

When a male is ready to mate he builds a nest of bubbles. he then shows his colorful fins to a female. If she is impressed, they mate. After the female lays the eggs, the male chases her away and gently places the eggs in his nest. He then guards them till they hatch, then loses interest in the them and swims away.

The American Kestrel

One of the fastest birds in the world is the american kestrel. Also known as the sparrow hawk, these guys....... aren't hawks (but they do eat sparrows). they're falcons, birds related to hawks that hunt by dropping from great heights on their prey and kill them with their "tooth" that punctures the nerves and kills it instantly. But my subject is a type of kestrel, or dwarf falcon.

Male american kestrels are rusty orange with slate blue and black wings. Females are a brownish color and larger than males. they live in almost all of North America, mainly in the west. I was birdwatching in Utah when I saw one with a dead mouse. I also saw it eat the mouse (yuck). Kestrels eat mice and insects. They love grasshoppers!
                             click here for more information about these amazing birds!


One of my favorite birds is the puffin. Also known as sea parrots, these black and white birds live mainly in northern, colder areas. They usally build their nests on cliffs where predators can't find them. Puffins spend most of their time at sea. Their feathers have a special coating that keeps them afloat. the only time puffins do come to land is when they breed.

Puffins eat a variety of small fish, but when feeding young they often feed them small eels.

I made a week to celebrate puffins! It's the week when June starts!    I <3 puffins!